Parallel World 0.62 - for Battlefield v1.45 - 09/03/2003
I updated Parallel World. You can download it from MOD page.
--- 0.62 ---
Adapted for Battlefield ver 1.45.
LCAC and Pomornik got more controllability.
Lowered the gravity center of Spider Tiger.

Parallel World 0.61 - for Battlefield v1.4 - 06/14/2003
I updated Parallel World. You can download it from MOD page.
--- 0.61 ---
Adapted for Battlefield ver 1.4.
Remade collision meshes and reduced lag.
Added blood effect.
Fixed collision mesh of Vespa.
Stinger doesn't detonate by running infantry.
APLandmine works like 30sec time bomb, because it doesn't detnate by infantry on Battlefield ver 1.4.

Parallel World 0.6 - for Battlefield v1.31(Network playable) - 04/19/2003
I updated Parallel World. You can download it from MOD page.
--- 0.6 ---
New Robots
- Senkousha(Chinese hominine robot "Pioneer")
- SpiderTiger(Control the booster direction by throttle and turn)
New Hand Weapons
- Boomerang(Medic)
- Adjusted AI.
- Adjusted F-35B, Su-37, AH-1F, Fl282, Vespa.
- Adjusted cluster bomb damage.
- Placed Vespa and helicopters into some maps.
- Placed B17VTOL into singleplayer El-Alamein.

Parallel World 0.51 - for Battlefield v1.31 - 04/03/2003
I fixed some bugs of ParallelWorld.
--- 0.51 ---
Airplane ammo can be supplied on network playing.
Vespa was removed from Market Garden, and added in Kursk.
Pomornik was added in some maps of single playing.
Pomornik lag decreased a little.

Parallel World 0.5 - for Battlefield v1.31 - 03/28/2003
I updated Parallel World.
--- 0.5 ---
New Landing Craft
- Pomornik class
New Bike
- Vespa A.C.M.A. T.A.P. (Drive by airplane control)
New Weapons
- Cluster bomb CBU87 (F-35B, Su-37)
- Fixed the damage and collision of Flamethrower.

Parallel World 0.4 - for Battlefield v1.3 - 02/23/2003
I updated Parallel World.
--- 0.4 ---
New Amphibious Vehicles
- Dive Tanks(Sherman, Chi-ha, PanzerIV, T34/85)
New Hand Weapons
- Assault has Grenade Launcher.
- AntiTank has Shot Gun.
- Engineer has Flamethrower.

Parallel World 0.3 - for Battlefield v1.3 - 02/17/2003
I updated Parallel World.
--- 0.3 ---
New Airplanes
- F-35B (Back to activate STOVL)
- Su-37 (Back to activate TVC)
- Refine helicopter sounds.
- Reduce Stinger damage to land vehicles.
- Stinger missiles explode when they hit static objects.
- Fl282 have 2 rotors.

Parallel World 0.2 alpha - for Battlefield v1.3 - 01/30/2003
I updated Parallel World.
--- 0.2a ---
New Helicopters
- AH-1F "Huey Cobra"
New Vehicle Weapons
- Submarine has Mine.
New Hand Weapons
- Scout has Stinger.
- Scout and Medic have Anti-personnel Landmine.
- Adapted for Battlefield ver 1.3.
- AARockets are changed to Stinger missiles.
- Bugs of FlakPanzerIV are fixed.

Parallel World 0.1 alpha - for Battlefield v1.2 - 01/30/2003
I release new MOD. The name is "Parallel World".
This MOD includes vehicles as follows:
New Helicopters
- Fl282
New Airplanes
New Anti-air Vehicles
- FlakPanzerIV
- M3A1-AARocket
New Anti-ground Vehicles
- Hanomag-AGRocket
- M3A1-AGRocket
New Heriport Ships
- Fletcher-H
- Hatsuzuki-H
New Anti-air Static Weapons
- AARocketLauncher
- Flakvierling38
New Anti-ground Static Weapons
- AGRocketLauncher
New Buildings
- Heliport

MuRa's Vehicles Vol 1.1 - for Battlefield v1.2 - 01/21/2003
This version includes just network playable vehicles as follows :

APC with AA
Float Zero

Berlin Airborne Operation 1.00 - for Battlefield v1.2 - 12/30/2002
This MOD adds the new map "Berlin Airborne Operation" to BF1942.
- Expand the town to the opposite.
- Add new 2 bridges.
- Add new allied parachute spawn point.
- The night sky.

Sunset Market Garden 1.01 - for Battlefield v1.2 - 12/23/2002
This MOD adds the new map "Sunset Market Garden" to BF1942.
- Add New 2 bridges and city walls.
- Swap team positions.
- Add new allied air base and new axis antiaircraft base.
- The sunset sky.

VTOL B17 - for Battlefield v1.2 - 12/09/2002
The VTOL B17 can take off and land like helicopters.
They have rocket launchers, a sherman launcher, and a cannon.
And they can have 6 passengers, and take off from the Fletcher.

Engineer APC - for Battlefield v1.2 - 12/06/2002
The Engineer APCs have a landmine sweep shovel, a water gun, and time bombs.
And They can drop sandbags, ammo boxes.

MuRa's Vehicles Vol.1 - for Battlefield v1.2 - 12/01/2002

This MOD is the set of MuRa's vehicles as follows :
B17 drops Shermans
- It will change B17 bombs to Shermans with parachutes.
- It will change Thompson to Flamethrower.
APC with AA
- APC will has a antiaircraft fire.
- It will change Stuka to Helicopter.
- It will change Tiger to a walking spider.
- Use the hatch operation to transeform the legs.
- It will change Kubelwagen to a bike.
- Use the hatch operation to up and down assist wheels.
- Move the mouse to keep the balance.
- It will change Zero to Floatplane, and you can take off form Hatsuzuki.

Copyright(C) 2003 by MuRa, Japan / E-mail :

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